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Cycling from Paris to Tehran

voyage vélo michael

The adventure

For a few years, I've been dreaming of visiting Iran. I chose to cycle there instead of flying. I'll be traveling solo for this first of a kind journey.

The goal is simple : to leave from Paris to join Tehran, the capital of Iran.

  • Start : June 10th, 2018
  • Duration : 5/6 months
  • ​Distance : 7000 km

Provisional itinerary

For now, this is all temporary.
Nothing is set in stone and the itinerary will vary depending on my wants and my physical shape.
As you can see, it's not really straight and there's tons of zigzag !

 My priority is not to go as fast as possible, but to enjoy this adventure as mus as possible :)

After 9 years of traveling around the world, I am impatient to rediscover France and its countryside. Crossing Burgundy, the descent of the Rhone Valley, then direction Nice through the Verdon. Not planned in the program, I will also try to tour Corsica island !

I have never had a great love for Italy, but I will remedy my ignorance by crossing 2 ultra-known regions: Tuscany and Veneto.

A paradise for nature lovers and cyclists, I can't wait to finally discover this country that has been on my list for far too long. Going through Bled is mandatory.

I don't want to venture too much on the Croatian coast during the summer, which will be too crowded for my taste. Knowing a little Croatia, I see this country as a short transition before visiting his neighbor ...

Like Slovenia, I absolutely want to cross this country for its lush nature and turbulent history. There will be 350 km to cross Bosnia, obviously passing through Sarajevo.

Between sea and mountains, this country wins the favor of travelers and I want to see what happens there. By cons, the mountains pass looks terrible and my legs will probably suffer.

A little known country and a shady reputation. I don't know what to expect, but a few cyclists told me the best of Albania, so I'll go for it!

Apart from Crete island when I was 16, I don't know anything about Greece. Logically, I cross all the north of the country before going to Turkey. If I have a little advance, I'll even try to go to the small islands with its turquoise water.

A huge country that I will cross in its length with over 2000 km, it will be tough ! I can not wait to ride around the highlands of Anatolia.

10) IRAN
Finally, the arrival in Iran, where I would need 2/3 weeks of cycling to reach Tehran, I hope before the snow ! Then I'll do the tourist and visit the Persian cities of Isfahan, Chiraz or Yazd, or even venture into the desert.

Your questions :

  1. Am I physically prepared ?

    I am in good physical shape and I cycle from time to time. On the other hand, I know that my body is not yet adapted for the effort to come and that it will be hard, especially when I see the steepness of some passes ...

    I'll have almost 1 month of preparation before the beginning. It's not huge, but it will allow my body to get used to the bicycle.

  2. Where am I going to sleep ?

    Several options available:

    - Camping: I would have my tent, mattress, sleeping bag ... to be autonomous and sleep anywhere
    - People's home : friends, spontaneously,  couchsurfing, warmshowers ...
    - In hotel / hostel

  3. What type of bike will I ride ?

    My bike will be a "Tour de Fer 10", with a steel frame and a fancy look, I hope it'll take me without much trouble to Tehran.

    Here are some info

  4. How will I carry my things ?

    The bike will be equipped with front and back luggage rack. I'll hang bags to carry all my belongings.

  5. What will my budget be ?

    Once on the road, I expect an average of 10 / day, so 300 / month.

    The money is mostly for food. However, it will evolve according to the countries, problems, desires ...

  6. Will I be safe?

    ​It should be :)

    Syrian and Iraqi borders with Turkey and Iran are problematic. I'll avoid them. But the countries I'll cross don't have any particular problems. We are never fully protected from human stupidity, no matter the country, but according to other bike travelers, the risks are really low.

  7. How to follow this trip?

    If you don't speak french, it will be more complicated but you can :

    - Return to this page regularly where I'll be updating the travel map
    Check my Facebook page : photos, videos and text according to my state of mind
    Check my Instagram : photos and stories live from the trip
    Check my YouTube channel : at least 1 video per country

More to come in the following weeks :

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See you very soon !

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